Prime Sponsored Bills

2013-2014 Session
Updated October 10, 2013

Bill Number

Description of Bill Status
SB100  An Act amending the act of April 12, 1951 (P.L.90, No.21), known as the Liquor Code, in preliminary provisions, further providing for definitions; in Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, further providing for general powers; in Pennsylvania liquor stores, further providing for time of sales and for sales by Pennsylvania liquor stores; in liquor, alcohol and malt and brewed beverages licenses and regulations, further providing for authority to issue liquor licenses to hotels, restaurants and clubs, for license districts, periods, hearings, sales and restrictions, for sale of malt or brewed beverages, for liquor importers’ licenses, fees, privileges and restrictions, for interlocking businesses; providing for expanded permits and for enhanced distributor and importing distributor permits; further providing for malt and brewed beverages manufacturers’, distributors’ and importing distributors’ licenses, for number and kinds of licenses allowed same licensee, for distributors’ and importing distributors’ restrictions, for retail dispensers’ restrictions, for interlocking businesses, for breweries, for county retail licenses, for assignability and transfers, for local option, for surrender of license, for shipment of wine into Commonwealth; establishing the Pennsylvania Wine Industry Promotion Board; further providing for unlawful acts, for alcohol and liquor licensees, for identification cards and prosecution and for vacation of premises by patrons; in distilleries, wineries, bonded warehouses, bailees for hire and transporters for hire, further providing for limited wineries and for distilleries; in disposition of collected funds, further providing for money returned to municipalities; providing for money paid into the General Fund for use of the Commonwealth; further providing for money for use of the Commonwealth; establishing the Senior Citizens Property Tax Relief Fund; providing for a transfer from the State Stores Fund; providing for studies of the wine and spirits wholesale system in this Commonwealth; and making a related repeal. Laid on the table, July 3, 2013 [Senate]
SB594 An Act limiting copayments and coinsurances for insured medical services. Referred to BANKING AND INSURANCE, March 1, 2013 [Senate]
SB614 An Act amending Title 65 (Public Officers) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing for definitions and for statement of financial interests.
Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS, April 10, 2013 [Senate]
SB715 An Act amending the act of June 13, 1967 (P.L.31, No.21), known as the Public Welfare Code, in public assistance, further providing for uniformity in administration of assistance and regulations as to assistance and for copayments for subsidized child care; and providing for financial eligibility for subsidized child care.
Referred to PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE, March 20, 2013 [Senate]
An Act amending the act of March 10, 1949 (P.L.30, No.14), known as the Public School Code of 1949, providing for film approval by a parent or guardian.
Referred to EDUCATION, March 20, 2013 [Senate]
An Act amending Title 34 (Game) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing for license costs and fees.
Referred to GAME AND FISHERIES, March 20, 2013 [Senate]
An Act amending Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in judicial computer system, further providing for deposits into account.
 Referred to JUDICIARY, April 4, 2013 [Senate]
An Act amending the act of July 31, 1968 (P.L.805, No.247), known as the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, in appeals to court, further providing for intervention.
Referred to LOCAL GOVERNMENT, March 20, 2013 [Senate]
An Act providing for authorization of development and operation of facilities to improve cost-efficiency in agricultural production or support agricultural marketing or agritourism enterprises on farms and for the establishment of minimum standards for land development and for construction of buildings that support agricultural cost-improvement activities and are used in agricultural marketing and agritourism enterprises; establishing the Farm Enterprise Standards Board and providing for its powers and duties; imposing limitations in local governmental authority; providing for State preemption; and making related repeals.
 Referred to AGRICULTURE AND RURAL AFFAIRS, March 20, 2013 [Senate]
An Act amending the act of May 1, 1984 (P.L.206, No.43), known as the Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Act, further providing for definitions, for applications and requests for approval for facilities and activities in the critical zone, for wellhead protection, for surface water intake protection and for civil and criminal penalties; and making editorial changes.
 Referred to ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES AND ENERGY, March 20, 2013 [Senate]
An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, providing for the transfer of bridges to municipalities.
Referred to TRANSPORTATION, March 20, 2013 [Senate]
SB730 An Act amending Title 71 (State Government) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in retirement for State employees and officers, further defining “enforcement officer.”
Referred to FINANCE, March 26, 2013 [Senate]
SB807 An Act amending the act of July 9, 1987 (P.L.220, No.39), known as the Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors Act, further providing for definitions, for the licensing agency and its functions, for powers and functions of board, for qualifications for license, for procedures for licensing, for reciprocity and for reinstatement of license; providing for nomenclature; and further providing for penalties, for license renewal and records and fees and for unlawful practice.
An Act amending the act of June 13, 1967 (P.L.31, No.21), known as the Public Welfare Code, in children and youth, providing for purpose and for county purchase of services.
Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS, June 26, 2013 [Senate]
An Act amending the act of November 10, 1999 (P.L.491, No.45), known as the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act, further providing for the duties of the council, for revised or successor codes and for education and training programs.
Referred to LABOR AND INDUSTRY, June 17, 2013 [Senate]
A Resolution directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study new approaches to family work support programs.
Referred to AGING AND YOUTH, March 20, 2013 [Senate]